Change By Design

Living for the Living

Rebranded as the ‘Davos of Creativity’, the Change by Design Conference is an integral part of the highly-regarded France Design Week

26 – 28 Sept 2023, Paris – Hybrid

One To One Braindate:

Book 10-minute sessions with your selected designer for focused discussions and meaningful networking.

Design Leaders Club

Join our vibrant hub for design leaders, where we grow together today to conquer tomorrow’s challenges.

Thematic Group

Sustain your conference momentum with Thematic Group’s bi-monthly dialogues – no need to wait for next year.

Program – Fintech and Green Design – 26 Sept

Designing the Future Banking

Compassion with Design

Brand & Design

Designing for the Aging Brain

Building a Design-Driven Culture

Reimagining Television Redesign and UX

Design Decolonization

Design Governance

Designing the Future Vision

27 Sept – How design affect (eco)systems ?

Rethink the Way We Design

Redesigning Leadership

Human-Centered Innovation: Coping with Challenges.

Integrating Design in Hospitals

Design Education: Stakes & Pathways

Elevating Small Businesses Through Design

Generative Design

Designonomics: Unleashing Economic Value with Strategic Design

From Scarcity to Sustainability: Designing for a Resource-Conscious World

28 Sept – Rethink Radically How We Design.

Designing for Limited Resources

Designing for Climate Change Action

Return to the Nature

Design Responds

Redesigning for Justice

Design for Anti-Racisme

Design for a Human and Nature Connectedness

Designing with Biology, Bio design, Bio fabrication

Collaborative Living: Design for Co-existence and Co-creation

Our Speakers 2023

A glimpse of some of the expert speakers 

Dori Tunstall

Ex OCAD University

Terry Irwin

Carnegie Mellon 

Cheryl D Miller

The Univeristy of Texas

Verda Alexander

Studio O+A

Remy Bourganel

Science Po

Xavier Allard


Clemence Montagne

L’École de design 

Anne Marie Sargueil

Design French Institute

Tatiana Ryfer


Nicolas Petitjean

Michel Vandamme


Irene Lopez Abarca

CHU d’Angers

Marie Coirie

GHU Paris 

Quentin Lefevre

Collectif TAMA

Taniesah Evans

Swune Inc

Julie Sahakian

Malakoff Humanis

Shawn Johnson

Ex Discovery

Lisandra Maioli

BV Group

Loélia Rapin

University of Nantes

Silke Bochat


Mathieu Boimare

Ex Salomon

Iana Kouris


Roland Stasia

Strate School of Design

Roger Rohatgi


Christopher Rudd


Fonz Morris


Caroline Grellier


Alessandro Catania

Air Liquide

Why participate?

The Change by Design Conference is the must-attend event for design and innovation experts. For companies, this edition invites you to discover how to stimulate your creativity and innovate differently by transforming the way you work through a design. Join #CBDParis as a change agent…

Conference Registration:

Designers and students can enjoy free access to the conference. 

For agency designers, consultants, and solutions providers, there is a registration fee of 999 Euros for the comprehensive three-day conference experience.

Brain Date Session

Based on a well-known concept, the braindate offers you the opportunity to discuss numerous case studies. The idea is to combine theory and practice, meet new people, and help everyone learn by helping each other and having social interactions. 

Think Together Session

The conference will begin with an individual reflection session followed by group work. Each participant is given time to reflect on a challenge they face and post it on the message wall. This session is designed to solve the challenges faced by professionals, with the goal being to focus on everyone’s strengths and assets to reach the pinnacle of collective intelligence.

Stay updated with Innovation

Each week, our newsletter highlights a speaker and their feedback. The Johnson Insight allows our community to learn about their experiences and the challenges they faced.

Interested in Sponsoring this Event ?

Collaborating so that no two editions are alike, finding win-win partners, and attracting visionaries are as much our concern as our DNA.pour qu’aucune édition ne ressemble à une autre, trouver des partenaires win-win, susciter l’intérêt des visionnaires sont autant nos préoccupations que notre ADN.

Our Sponsors

BCG X is the tech build & design unit of BCG. Turbocharging BCG’s deep industry and functional expertise, BCG X brings together advanced tech knowledge and ambitious entrepreneurship to help organizations enable innovation at scale. With nearly 3,000 technologists, scientists, programmers, engineers, and human-centered designers located across 80+ cities, BCG X builds and designs platforms and software to address the world’s most important challenges and opportunities. Teaming across our practices, and in close collaboration with our clients, our end-to-end global team unlocks new possibilities. Together we’re creating the bold and disruptive products, services, and businesses of tomorrow.




26th – 28 Paris 2023, Paris – Hybrid Event