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Change by Design Conference 26 - 28 Sept

The Change by Design Conference at France Design Week is a nexus for design enthusiasts and innovators. Our theme, « Living for the Living, » combines design, sustainability, and inclusivity. Join us in confronting global challenges and fostering a shared, sustainable future. Be a change agent with #CBDParisiving

Change Management Conference

This event will cover a range of topics related to change management, including navigating change in a postpandemic world, implementing agile methodologies and design
thinking, engaging employees in human-centered change management, measuring change management effectiveness with data and analytics, and communicating change initiatives effectively.

The Sustainability Conference

The Sustainability Conference in November 2023 will explore ways in which businesses can reduce their environmental impact, improve their supply chain practices, promote equity and justice, and accurately report on their sustainability efforts.

S&OP and IBP Conference 4-6 April

The S&OP and IBP Conference is a three-day event focusing on the direct impact of the crisis on our businesses and how to react, manage uncertainty and prepare a preventive response to such changes. We will also assess how to manage the impact of inflation on your supply chain and deal with the chip shortage.


Re-inventer PPM E-PMO Conference 12-14 Oct

The ‘Re-inventing and Re-aligning PPM and E-PMO’ conference is a 3-day event that focuses on innovative strategies to convert the traditional perception of bureaucracy into a Department of Simplicity. Our goal is to bring together bright-minded practitioners to share what other industries are doing about disrupted supply chains and shifts in organizational priorities.

Employee Engagement & Experience Conference

Embark on a Transformative Journey Through Exceptional Conferences. Unveil the Employee Experience Revolution. Immerse yourself in the Employee Engagement Conference, a must-attend event for industry visionaries. Stay ahead with a diverse range of speakers and an outstanding lineup that nurtures collective intelligence, fostering structured discussions, active listening, immersive practice, and profound reflection, all designed to inspire decisive actionn.

The AI Conference

#THEAIParis: This AI Conference is a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge advancements in AI research and technology. Delve into the ethical dimensions and real-world implementations of AI, making it a pivotal platform for both learning and action

Mental Health Conference.

Our Mental Health Conference will explore how organizations are adapting and rethinking their approach to employee mental health and wellbeing in the ‘new normal’ of remote working and provide
managers with tools to better support their employees.