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Engage with colleagues from around the world on professional challenges



Real experiences, successful testimonies, pitfalls, and solutions.


In a cozy atmosphere, perfect for fostering discussions and connections.

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Change by Design Conference 26-28 Sept

The Change by Design Conference at France Design Week is a nexus for design enthusiasts and innovators. Our theme, « Living for the Living, » combines design, sustainability, and inclusivity. Join us in confronting global challenges and fostering a shared, sustainable future. Be a change agent with #CbyParis


Design Leader of the Year Awards

Human-centered design is the key to solving complex challenges for individuals and businesses. Let’s celebrate visionary designers who enhance user experiences, promote inclusivity, drive sustainability, and inspire transformation!

Think Together Session

At the beginning of the conference, each participant has the time to reflect on a challenge they are facing and post it on the message wall.

The conference will start with an individual reflection session followed by group work. This session is designed to address the challenges encountered by professionals, with the aim of harnessing the strengths and assets of each individual to achieve the pinnacle of collective intelligence

Brain date Session

Built on a well-known concept, braindate provides you with the opportunity to discuss numerous case studies.

The principle is to pair the theme both theoretically and practically, all while meeting new colleagues and fostering collective learning through mutual assistance and social interaction.

An Environment of Possibilities

An Environment of Possibilities: Thoughtfully open, with round tables arranged in a semi-cabaret style. Our goal is to nurture collective intelligence, shaping discussions, attentive listening, hands-on participation, and deep reflection, all while igniting a call to action.




26 – 28 September 2023, Paris