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Welcome to Insight Talk, where leaders and visionaries engage in profound conversations. Join us as we explore big ideas and small talk, featuring top innovators and creators. Uncover diverse challenges and what fuels their passion. This is where brilliance knows no bounds


Designing the future of mobility.

Discover Amko Leenarts’ Journey: From Aspiring Designer to Ford’s Visionary Design Director. Join his 275+ member team crafting iconic vehicles with remote VR innovation and a €13 million investment in the Merkenich Design Studio. Experience design evolution firsthand.

Eco-Innovation: Championing the Anti-Waste Movement

Linking innovation and ecology is the modern entrepreneurial mission. Jean Moreau’s Phenix tackles waste, saving 100 million meals via its app. Join the movement as they expand across Europe, making an impact. Discover the 7-year journey of Jean’s innovation and how to contribute to a greener world in this podcast! 

The Power of Inclusivity

David Dame discusses fostering business adaptability and the growing need for agility coaches. He shares his journey as a wheelchair user, underscoring the urgency of inclusivity for long-term disabilities. Join us to explore the transformative power of inclusivity through David’s remarkable journey

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Designing Impact: White House Inspiration

Explore the transformative world of public service design, fueled by empathy and innovation. Discover how intentional design, even from the White House, can drive inclusivity, resilience, and meaningful change. Join us in celebrating the power of purposeful design to shape a brighter future.